Olympus Europa   IS-3000 DLX

Olympus IS-3000 DLX

35mm SLR Camera, Quartzdate, ED-high Resolution Lens

The multifaceted IS-3000 DLX combines everything you need in one easy-to-use camera. A 35mm-180mm zoom lens, spot metering, built-in intelligent flash and programmed exposure, plus seven creative exposure modes create an innovative, high-performance package that's effortless to command.

Features and Benefits

  • Switch-on Automatic Mode for a fully equipped point-and-shoot camera
  • Choose manual operation for full creative control over shutter speed and F-stop
  • Aperture-Preferred Auto Exposure selects the right shutter speed when you pick an F-stop
  • Shutter-Preferred Auto Exposure selects the right F-stop when you determine shutter speed
  • Go from wide-angle shot to 180mm intimacy with unparalleled speed and accuracy
  • Create great shots from close range-as close as 23.6 inches
  • Spot-metering lets you set exposure values to suit the most important composition elements of your shot
  • Quartz-made internal clock transcribes date and time onto photos

Seven exposure modes make creative photography easy:

  • Landscape Mode captures foreground and background with equal clarity
  • Create dramatic portraits, with sharply defined subject and shallow depth of field
  • Stop the action with a shutter speed up to 1/2000 second
  • Night Scene Mode keeps shutter open for up to 15-second exposures
  • Shoot up to two frames per second with focus and exposure locked in Continuous Mode
  • Double Exposure Mode gives you two images on a single frame
  • Zoom and expose film simultaneously in low light for streaked special effects


Flash System

Intelligent, built-in flash automatically fires in low-light situations

Advanced flash modes equip you for varied lighting situations:

  • Variable-power flash provides soft illumination, for natural skin tones at close range
  • Fill-In brings extra light to backlit or side-lit subjects
  • Auto-S Flash reduces the red-eye effect