OPTIX  AF-Confirm Adapter


  • M42 Screw Thread Mount Lens to Canon EOS camera Adapter with OPTIX V.5 AF-Confirm PCB Chip.
  • Customizable Focal Length, Aperture & Focus Shift Compensation. Infinity Focus Guarantee.

Focus Shift Compensation is the most powerful feature, which is uniquely provided by OPTIX V5 chip: Mounting a different brand lens to EOS camera, means combining two different optical systems. In some occasions, even though your EOS camera "thinks" the focus is correct, you may still have to fine-tune the focus each time. The focus compensation ability of OPTIX V5 is specially designed to solve this problem. All of these settings will be saved to the chipset and be memorized without the use of power, just like the flash memory cards you use in the daily life.


  • Fits Lenses: M42x1 screw thread lens mount
  • Fits Cameras: Canon EOS
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Infinity Focus Ability: YES
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Color: Matt-black color finishing


  • Auto focus (AF) is not available.
  • Stop-down focusing is recommended: max. aperture -> framing & focusing -> desired aperture
  • The distance scale on the lens might not indicate the actual distance.
  • Install / remove the adapter after power off the camera.

Installing Procedures

  • Mounting: 1. Mount the lens onto the adapter ring, 2. then mount the "lens-adapter-unit" onto your EOS camera.
  • Removing: Remove the "lens-adapter-unit" together from the camera body.

Basic functions

1. Prompt Focus Confirmation
With this chip, you do not need to guess the correct focus by naked eyes, as it will be indicated by the auto focus system of EOS camera with a beep sound (and focus confirmation light in viewfinder), just like using Canon EF lens in manual focus mode. You can use whatever light metering mode you desired (except spot metering). In contrast, using conventional mechanical adapters, you can use only center-weighted light metering.

2. Self Customizable EXIF Parameters

    You can change the following parameters anytime:
  • Focal length value (0000-9999); default 50mm;
  • Aperture value (f/1.0 - f/11); default f/2.0;
  • Focus shift compensation (00-99); default 50;