Festival 'Spasskaya Tower' 2014

Representative Military Honorary Guard Band (Russia)
The Guard of Honor of the Presidential Regiment (Russia)
The Band of the Moscow Suvorov Military Music College (Russia)
Nish military band (Serbia)
Historic Flagwavers of Cori (Storici sbandieratori delle contrade di Cori, Cora, Latina, Italy) and Flagwavers of the Caetani Dukedom of Sermoneta (Sbandieratori del ducato Caetani di Sermoneta, Sermoneta LT, Italy)
The Military Orchestra of the 154 Preobrazhensky Regiment (Moscow garrison, Russia)
'Le Cheile Sa Cheol' Massed Pipes and Drums (Ireland)
The Central Navy Band named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (Russia)
Band of the Black Sea Navy (Russia)
'Banda Monumental' of Mexico and The Folk Dance Company Tenochtitlan (Mexico)
Russian Army A.V. Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble (Russia)
The Wudang martial arts group (China)
Representative Military Honorary Guard Band (Russia)
The Vieux-Grenadiers Company (Switzerland)
Mehter Band from Iznik (Turkey)
Institute of Military Bandmasters Cadet Band (Russia)
'Yerevan drums' and Dance Ensemble 'Armelad' (Armenia)
The President's Band (Russia)
The Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (Russia)
The Cavalry Escort of the Presidential Regiment (Russia)