Red rice

Red rice (赤飯 sakyan) — a traditional Japanese dish, which is a red moth-rice with beans. Red Color Paints give adzuki beans with which he is preparing.

Sakyan is prepared in Japan on special holidays throughout the year, such holidays can be attributed: birthdays, weddings, etc. In Japan, the red rice is so closely associated with the holidays that the phrase "let's eat Sakyan!" Approximately equal to the sense of the phrase "let's celebrate!". For holidays, this dish began to use precisely because of its color, as the red color in Japan symbolizes happiness.

In the Geish's world Sakyan plays an important role in the ceremony of leaving the profession: those geishes that suggest the possibility of returning to the profession, for example, married, send guests a box with Sachuan, and those who are going to make a simple white rice.

Most often use Sykyan immediately after cooking, even hot. Traditionally, this dish is used with a gomasio (a mixture of sesame with salt).